African  Wildlife Sculptures  &  Carvings

Bringing the Wild Indoors

Sculptures Capturing the Wild
African Galleria’s collection of wildlife sculptures and carvings offers a direct glimpse into Africa’s untamed beauty. Made from bronze, brass, and wood, these pieces capture the essence of Africa’s most iconic animals, including the majestic big five: elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos. Giraffe carvings are also notably popular, with their elongated necks elegantly rising from the trunks of trees, showcasing the innovative use of natural form in art.

Rooted in Tradition
The art of sculpting and carving wildlife figures has a long and rich history in Africa. Archaeological evidence suggests carvings of animals in ivory and bone date back as far as 30,000 years ago! These early creations likely held spiritual significance, serving as talismans or representations of revered animals. Over time, sculpting and carving became ingrained in various African cultures, with techniques and styles evolving in different regions.

Regional Flair
West Africa, for instance, is renowned for its Nok terracottas, lifesized sculptures in fired clay dating back to 2000 BC. East Africa boasts the Makonde people, known for their intricate ebony carvings that often depict human figures alongside wildlife. In Southern Africa, the Shona people have a long tradition of sculpting in soapstone, creating graceful and stylized animal figures.

Techniques of Creation
The sculptures are brought to life through traditional crafting methods. The lost-wax method allows for detailed bronze pieces, capturing the dynamic energy of wildlife. In wood and stone, artists chip away material before carefully smoothing the surface, resulting in tactile pieces that invite touch.

Denis Mathews: A Kenyan Legacy
Highlighting our collection is Kenya’s own Denis Mathews, whose world-renowned bronze sculptures breathe life into Africa’s wildlife. His work exemplifies the power of art to connect us with the natural world, making his pieces cherished elements of our gallery.

A Connection Through Art
These wildlife sculptures and carvings are more than just objects; they’re a way to bring the spirit of Africa into your home. Each piece is a reminder of the beauty and diversity of African wildlife, crafted by artists who share their vision and respect for these animals.